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Series: The Blades Of The Rose

by Author Zoe Archer


Scoundrel (2010)

Blades of the Rose 2.Bennett Day, one of the Blades of the Rose, is intrigued by a mysterious woman he meets in a Greek marketplace. Little does he know that London Harcourt is the widowed daughter of the Blades' greatest enemy, one of the head Heirs of Albion. Bennett is a rogue, sex on two le...

Scoundrel (2010) by Zoe Archer

Ein unwiderstehlicher Schurke (2012)

Not as much of a 'on the run shoot out adventure' like Warrior but still a really fun read. I liked the focus on riddles and tomb raider/relic hunter vibe. Loved Bennett and his roguish banter, also his genuine appreciation of woman. London was interesting but sometimes hard to understand, giving...

Ein unwiderstehlicher Schurke (2012) by Zoe Archer