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Series: The Awakened

by Author Jason Tesar


Hands To Make War (2011)

Once again I am left hanging onto the final words, wishing there were more to follow. Book 3 of The Awakened opens up with Adair and the place where he's being held. He's developed a sort of, camaraderie, with one of the men who has saved him and is now questioning him. But Adair soon realizes th...

Hands To Make War (2011) by Jason Tesar

Paths of Destruction (2011)

I liked book 1, it rambled a bit and took quite a while to get where it was going. Still it ended strong and sent me straight into book 2. Book two was a lot less clunky and a much easier read. Book two jumps in right where we left off and greatly improved on the first book. Where book one see...

Paths of Destruction (2011) by Jason Tesar

The Awakened (2011)

The Awakened:Book One (Awaken His Eyes) By Jason TesarI Liked this book I liked the style of writing And I found the story engaging.There are some few annoying elements that have more to do with editing decisions and this it the way Jason decided to put things together so there is no changing tha...

The Awakened (2011) by Jason Tesar

Awaken His Eyes Book 1 (2000)

Loved, loved this book!!!! It was exciting and interesting. It played on my emotions and kept me in suspense. I was constantly wondering what was coming next. I am so looking forward to reading the next book and the whole series. I want to know where Kael goes next. I love that Maeryn finds snea...

Awaken His Eyes Book 1 (2000) by Jason Tesar

Awaken His Eyes (2011)

Up until about the 30% point of this book, the story seemed a bit interesting. But, suddenly, just at the crux of the story, where it looked like things were going to take off, everything changed. Now, instead of following a man through *something*, the author decided to throw pages and pages of ...

Awaken His Eyes (2011) by Jason Tesar