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Series: Sharon McCone

by Author Marcia Muller


The Shape of Dread (1990)

While the story beguiles for awhile, and the energy level runs hot, and Sharon McCone's life and personal demons engage, I admit to feeling a tad unable to accept the denouement. Also, several characters did not respond in a believable manner to me, particularly Amy, Lisa, Tracy and even McCone. ...

The Shape of Dread (1990) by Marcia Muller

Wolf in the Shadows (1994)

#14 in the Sharon McCone series. This novel appears to mark a watershed for author Muller. The book was the winner of the 1994 Anthony Award for Best Mystery and was short-listed for the Edgar, Shamus, and Dilys awards. Sharon's long time legal cooperative employer is changing and wants Sharon to...

Wolf in the Shadows (1994) by Marcia Muller

Where Echoes Live (1992)

I think this is an enjoyable mystery, but its one where I had to suspend the part of my brain that analyzes motives and reactions. It's very well written and I have no complaints there, but some of the characters are not believably drawn, and some incidents didn't feel right, like the fight betwe...

Where Echoes Live (1992) by Marcia Muller

A Walk Through the Fire (2000)

#20 in the Sharon McCone series. Sharon travels to Hawaii on an assignment and brings lover, Hy Ripinski, along to make it a working vacation. She promptly is attracted to a helicopter pilot jeopardizing her relationship with Hy. While trying to ignore her feelings, she attempts to discover who w...

A Walk Through the Fire (2000) by Marcia Muller

Trophies and Dead Things (1991)

Trophies and Dead Things, by Marcia Muller, a-minus, Narrated by Laura Hicks, Produced by Audiogo Ltd., Downloaded from McCone is helping Hank of All Souls go through the house of a friend of his, who was also his client, who was murdered by what appeared to be a sniper who had...

Trophies and Dead Things (1991) by Marcia Muller

Till the Butchers Cut Him Down (1995)

I've been reading Marcia Muller for years but in no particular order. Whenever I see one of her Sharon McCone series books at a book sale that I haven't read, I buy it. I still have one more in my TBR stack. The reason is that they always are entertaining and I like McCone.Till the Butchers Cut H...

Till the Butchers Cut Him Down (1995) by Marcia Muller

There's Something in a Sunday (1990)

Marcia's not the greatest writer, by which I mean a person with a talent for fondling words. Here's one of her passages, chosen at random:I shut the outside door and looked around. There was no furniture in the room other than a heavy antique sideboard, covered with what looked to be junk mail an...

There's Something in a Sunday (1990) by Marcia Muller

There's Nothing to Be Afraid Of (1990)

There’s Nothing to be Afraid of, by Marcia Muller, b-plus, Narrated by Laura Hicks, Produced by Audiogo, Downloaded from is the seventh in the Sharon McCone series, so it is set in the early 1980’s, soon after the end of the Vietnam war, and at a time when churches were working t...

There's Nothing to Be Afraid Of (1990) by Marcia Muller

Listen to the Silence (2001)

Important Sharon McCone mystery in that Sharon discovers her real family, but overall, a poorly written story in that it would have been better as a tight novella or perhaps a longer, more fleshed out novel. It's hard for a practiced genre author to mess up the writing, but easier to mess up if y...

Listen to the Silence (2001) by Marcia Muller

Leave a Message for Willie (1990)

We get another teeny glimpse into Sharon McCone in this book, besides the fact she has a bird phobia. We know she avoids her family, we know the two oldest brothers got into minor criminal scrapes, one sister is soccer mom and the other is counterculture. Her mom calls her occasionally. This is s...

Leave a Message for Willie (1990) by Marcia Muller

Games to Keep the Dark Away (1990)

#4 of 22 (so far) Sharon McCone Private Eye -- average...The 22 books to date in Marcia Muller's Sharon McCone series span from 1977, so this is one of the earlier ones (1984) in a set that obviously has staying power. Our leading lady is a full-time employee of a law firm where she handles inves...

Games to Keep the Dark Away (1990) by Marcia Muller

Dead Midnight (2003)

So here's the thing. I've been reading Marcia Muller for nigh on 20 years now but I did take a break. For about 5 years. I was cruising through the sale books on Nook and I saw a bunch of Muller's titles. I suddenly missed Sharon McCone, the hard-boiled San Francisco PI and her hippie collect...

Dead Midnight (2003) by Marcia Muller

Edwin of the Iron Shoes (1990)

tEdwin of the Iron Shoes was a fairly solid mystery. By that I mean while I did figure out whodunit, it was only slightly (a few chapters) ahead of the lead character (Sharon McCone). However, I did enjoy watching things unfold as clues were revealed. tCertain attitudes and aspects of this boo...

Edwin of the Iron Shoes (1990) by Marcia Muller

A Wild and Lonely Place (1996)

#16 in the Sharon McCone series. Finalist 1996 Macavity Award for Best Novel. Sharon continues the dramatic sea change in her career started with Wolf in the Shadows (1993). She's left the All Souls Legal Cooperative, she and boyfriend Hy share a cottage on the California coast and she has soloed...

A Wild and Lonely Place (1996) by Marcia Muller

The Broken Promise Land (1997)

About on a par with other books in the series - not great but not terrible.There was a bit too much 'family' in this book because Sharon McCone is investigating threats to her brother-in-law, country superstar Rick Savage. The story is told from two perspectives - Sharon's and her employee, Rae ...

The Broken Promise Land (1997) by Marcia Muller

Ask the Cards a Question (1990)

San Francisco private detective, Sharon McCone, is back and using old-fashioned investigating techniques (no modern conveniences yet) to solve the murder of her elderly upstairs neighbor in her apartment building. A piece of drapery cord stolen from Sharon's apartment is the murder weapon and Mo...

Ask the Cards a Question (1990) by Marcia Muller

While Other People Sleep (1999)

While Other People Sleep, by Marcia Muller, A-minus, Narrated by Jean Reed Bahle, produced by Brilliance Audio, downloaded from I’ve found the Sharon McCone books to be hit or miss, in the same way that Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series can be hit or miss. But this is one of the bes...

While Other People Sleep (1999) by Marcia Muller

The Dangerous Hour (2005)

I couldn't find the first entry in the Sharon McCone series, Edwin of the Iron Shoes so I tried this one, the 22nd installment published in 2004. I liked it, but not enough to think I'll really get around to reading more in the series. On the irritating side, McCone complains about California ste...

The Dangerous Hour (2005) by Marcia Muller

Both Ends of the Night (1998)

#18 in the Sharon McCone series. The main plotline of Sharon being asked to find her old flight instructor's significant, other followed by the flight instructor being murdered and Sharon and her lover Hy deciding to find her killer is an excellent addition to the series. Also satisfying is the s...

Both Ends of the Night (1998) by Marcia Muller

The Cheshire Cat's Eye (1990)

Third in this series featuring San Francisco PI Sharon McCone. Sharon discovers the body of a client and old friend who had asked to meet her in a house he was in the process of restoring. She is then hired by the man who owns the house in the hope that she can solve the crime and clear the name ...

The Cheshire Cat's Eye (1990) by Marcia Muller

Vanishing Point (2006)

Fans of Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone series will appreciate that after the heart-break McCone underwent during The Dangerous Hour, that Muller is letting McCone enjoy a little happiness. The Vanishing Point opens with McCone’s wedding reception. She and Hy Ripinsky have returned from their spur-...

Vanishing Point (2006) by Marcia Muller

Coming Back (2010)

Usually enjoy Sharon McCone books. While I know Ms. McCone is a liberal, this whole book seemed like an excuse for Ms. Muller to use Sharon McCone to push her liberal politics and bash the previous administration. The conclusion of the story was rushed. The search for Adah was very slowing bein...

Coming Back (2010) by Marcia Muller