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Series: Post-Human

by Author David Simpson


Human Plus (2013)

This is the best of the Post-Human series and I really want to give it four stars, but I cannot. It is better than the rest of the books, and could easily have stood alone by itself.In fact, with very little work, this could have become an SF classic. Unfortunately, it comes at the end of the s...

Human Plus (2013) by David  Simpson

Trans-Human (2000)

A significant improvement over book two. Significant enough, in fact, and with sufficient impact over the events of said prequel, that it almost redeems the series's apparent great misstep. The people are people again, and in a book about humans, no matter how prefixed, that is essential. Still h...

Trans-Human (2000) by David  Simpson

Sub-Human (2012)

This is a fun read. While not the first book in the order the author wrote them, it's the first book in the sequence of events in the series. I'm glad I got it knowing that, while I don't mind later flashback books, I really like an interconnected series of books to go in order.The world of the f...

Sub-Human (2012) by David  Simpson

Post-Human (2000)

More of what I thought about book #1. I could not help but think the story felt too sanitized, the characters too bland, versus what someone like Richard Morgan would write in the same genre (Altered Carbon). I loved the continued plot logic and wondering how our hero misinterprets what is happ...

Post-Human (2000) by David  Simpson