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Series: Pickup Men

by Author L.C. Chase


A Fortunate Blizzard (2015)

I have a secret, or not if you know me. I am a sucker for Christmas and holiday stories. I have always loved the magic of the season. The chance of hope, of new beginnings and of a romance as pure as snow that warms your heart. Warms your heart and sets your knickers on fire is also a plus. And t...

A Fortunate Blizzard (2015) by L.C. Chase

Pulling Leather (2014)

Throughout previous Pickup Men stories Scott has been portrayed in a less than complimentary light. He's rather unlikable in fact with his homophobic attitude and actions. That's why it takes a great talent to make readers care about someone so unlikable. Ms. Chase does just that by showing us...

Pulling Leather (2014) by L.C. Chase

Pickup Men (2013)

Based on the opening of this, I was really expecting more from the story. Unfortunately the author took the easy cliche ridden road and the result is a sugary sweet romance, despite some very dark themes. Tripp, the closeted champion's gut wrenching back story deserved far more attention from the...

Pickup Men (2013) by L.C. Chase