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Series: Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery

by Author Tamar Myers


The Crepes of Wrath (2002)

So this was one of the silliest books I have ever read. It wasn't at all what I expected, and turned out to be quite entertaining. Nothing high-brow or anything, but still entertaining :)I had several misconceptions about this book. First, for some reason I thought that with a name like "Tamar", ...

The Crepes of Wrath (2002) by Tamar Myers

Hell Hath No Curry (2007)

With a winning blend of humor, mystery, and recipes, national bestselling author Tamar Myers has created a uniquely flavorful series. In her latest, Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder finds that a jam- or perhaps chutney- of small town love and cheating can lead to one vindictive vindaloo...Thre...

Hell Hath No Curry (2007) by Tamar Myers

Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth (1995)

Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth: Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery, Book 1Written by: Tamar MyersNarrated by: Caroline MillerLength: 6 hrs and 33 mins Series: Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery, Book 1Unabridged AudiobookRelease Date:10-24-14Publisher: NYLAAUDIOBOOK VERSIONPublishers SummaryReaders will delight...

Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth (1995) by Tamar Myers

Batter Off Dead (2009)

Magdalena's adventures continue. The town of Hernia is the scene of poisoned pancakes. And guess who gets called in by the overmatched sheriff? Yes, Mayor Magdalena who suddenly goes into labor and thus does her sleuthing as a new mother.The next one of these I read has to be from earlier in the ...

Batter Off Dead (2009) by Tamar Myers