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Series: Otherland

by Author Tad Williams


City of Golden Shadow (1998)

I just finished re-reading Tad Williams' four book Otherland saga. This series is everything The Matrix films should have been, and better. It's just a stunningly awesome tale. It's deep on many levels. It's about the nature of reality, the nature of religion, the way humans perceive things, the ...

City of Golden Shadow (1998) by Tad Williams

Sea of Silver Light (2001)

Audiobook from Penguin AudioNarrated by George NewbernLength: 37.75 hoursThe finale to the Otherland series, Sea of Silver Light wraps up the multitude of story lines that began in City of Golden Shadow. While the book dragged in places, and some may find that the book (and the series, especially...

Sea of Silver Light (2001) by Tad Williams

Mountain of Black Glass (2000)

In "Mountain of Black Glass," book three in Tad Williams' "Otherland" tetrology, the sci-fi saga continues. An overly simplified summation of a very complicated plot:Children around the world are being lost to unexplained comas, including Renie Sulaweyo's baby brother, Stephen. Researching Stephe...

Mountain of Black Glass (2000) by Tad Williams

River of Blue Fire (1999)

When last we left Our Heroes, they were caught in the Otherland - an immense virtual reality program built by people with more money than God - with no idea where to go and no idea what to do. They were lost, confused and had no way out.Oh yes - back before Neo got his clock punched by Agent Smi...

River of Blue Fire (1999) by Tad Williams