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Tad Williams

Tad Williams
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Books by Tad Williams


The Dirty Streets of Heaven (2012)

To be honest, when I started reading the book, I wanted to put it down immediately, because it seemed that the author had read some bad urban fantasy and was trying to emulate it. However, if you get past the first 100 pages, it's not actually a bad book. The beginning seemed to drag on, like Wil...

The Dirty Streets of Heaven (2012) by Tad Williams

Happy Hour in Hell (2013)

Well, that was a waste of time. TAD could have summed this up in 100 pages or less. Bobby is not what I would call an engaging character and as angels go, not very convincing. Actually, he's a jerk who is in lust for Cas, not in love with Cas. And would you really go to Hell for lusting after...

Happy Hour in Hell (2013) by Tad Williams

Die dunklen Gassen des Himmels (2013)

I've read Tad Williams fantasy books The Dragonbone Chairs series, and was totally fascinated by the storyline...a la "Lord of the Rings" style. This book I chose to read based on the fact that it was the same author. I knew it wasn't like the Dragonbone stories, but I gave it a try. It took a...

Die dunklen Gassen des Himmels (2013) by Tad Williams

Happy hour in de hel (2014)

As everyone says, this book is not quite as good as the first in the series - which is something of a fumbled ball because Hell scenes are usually more entertaining than Heaven (Thanks Milton for the precedent!). Part of the problem is that Williams describes his Inferno quite literally. The book...

Happy hour in de hel (2014) by Tad Williams

Shadowrise (2010)

really enjoyable, lots of storylines, but still fast paced, hard to put down. really enjoyable, lots of storylines, but still fast paced, hard to put down.

Shadowrise (2010) by Tad Williams

Die Dämmerung (2010)

Tad Williams is always a bit of a struggle for me - he writes great and the amount of imagination that goes into his work is astounding. However, he also writes *a lot*, so it usually takes about halfway through one of his books before I'm truly hooked. After that point, however, I normally finis...

Die Dämmerung (2010) by Tad Williams

Sleeping Late on Judgement Day (2014)

4.5 StarsThis is a darker version of the series. There are bigger and scarier things at play and our Angel hero Bobby is really down on his luck. This one takes place right after the last book and even though he survived Hell, things are not going well for the $ Man. I love this series. It is sim...

Sleeping Late on Judgement Day (2014) by Tad Williams

River of Blue Fire (1999)

When last we left Our Heroes, they were caught in the Otherland - an immense virtual reality program built by people with more money than God - with no idea where to go and no idea what to do. They were lost, confused and had no way out.Oh yes - back before Neo got his clock punched by Agent Smi...

River of Blue Fire (1999) by Tad Williams

Mountain of Black Glass (2000)

In "Mountain of Black Glass," book three in Tad Williams' "Otherland" tetrology, the sci-fi saga continues. An overly simplified summation of a very complicated plot:Children around the world are being lost to unexplained comas, including Renie Sulaweyo's baby brother, Stephen. Researching Stephe...

Mountain of Black Glass (2000) by Tad Williams

Sea of Silver Light (2001)

Audiobook from Penguin AudioNarrated by George NewbernLength: 37.75 hoursThe finale to the Otherland series, Sea of Silver Light wraps up the multitude of story lines that began in City of Golden Shadow. While the book dragged in places, and some may find that the book (and the series, especially...

Sea of Silver Light (2001) by Tad Williams

City of Golden Shadow (1998)

I just finished re-reading Tad Williams' four book Otherland saga. This series is everything The Matrix films should have been, and better. It's just a stunningly awesome tale. It's deep on many levels. It's about the nature of reality, the nature of religion, the way humans perceive things, the ...

City of Golden Shadow (1998) by Tad Williams

Tailchaser's Song (2000)

Το τραγούδι του κυνηγού δεν ήταν ένα βιβλίο από το οποίο είχα μεγάλες προσδοκίες ωστόσο το πήρα πιστεύοντας ότι θα διαβάσω μια ευχάριστη περιπέτεια με ήρωες τις πανέξυπνες γάτες.Συνολικά δεν ήταν κακό βιβλίο απλά εμένα προσωπικά με άφησε αδιάφορη και με έκανε να βαρεθώ αρκετά.Η ιστορία περιστρέφε...

Tailchaser's Song (2000) by Tad Williams

Shadowplay (2007)

Tad Williams’ Shadowmarch trilogy is a guilty pleasure of mine.The trouble with plain-vanilla high fantasy is that it’s been done so much that none of the new stuff is particularly original anymore, and Shadowmarch is no exception. You’ve got your castle, you’ve got your conniving nobles, you’ve ...

Shadowplay (2007) by Tad Williams

Shadowmarch (2006)

With the return of bestselling author comes a transcendent, spectacular new trilogy that is ambitious and breathtaking!! After a decade Tad Williams returns with a new trilogy that takes the fantasy genre to new heights, with the most ambitious and impressive work that I have encountered this yea...

Shadowmarch (2006) by Tad Williams

Stone of Farewell (2005)

Enjoyed this book in spite of its faults, which are there but less important than what is good. The first of which is simply that for a book called Stone of Farewell, where like 75% of the characters are heading there, it takes a damn long time to actually get there. I'm not even marking this a s...

Stone of Farewell (2005) by Tad Williams

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