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Series: Orphans

by Author V.C. Andrews


Butterfly (1998)

"Butterfly" is the first novel in the "Orphans" mini-series, which consists of four novellas and ends with the full-length novel "Runaways". Even though this series seems to be aimed towards even younger girls than Andrews' other novels, this book was actually pretty decent and showed more theme...

Butterfly (1998) by V.C. Andrews

Raven (1999)

Ah, the last novel in the "Orphans" mini-series before the group novel, "Runaways". It has been quite the ride with quite the cast of characters. This little book also has the distinction of being the first book I finished in college- hooray! Some real grade-A literary magic right here, folks, I'...

Raven (1999) by V.C. Andrews