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Series: My Way

by Author H.J. Bellus


Cree (2000)

3.5 starsGood story line, but it felt very rushed and sometimes fake. I understand that some girlfriends have the name calling thing as a jokey affection between them, but this was ridiculous. It made me cringe reading their conversations. Every. Single. Time. On top of that, the author LOVED to ...

Cree (2000) by H.J. Bellus

My Now & Forever (2013)

It has been months since I have been introduced to HJ Bellus but I am finally a true MY WAY GIRL !!I enjoyed this book very much. Milly is a riot and I loved her personality and her crazy things that fly out of her mouth !! I would have loved Cree's POV as well throughout but I am so in love with...

My Now & Forever (2013) by H.J. Bellus