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Series: Lucy Stone

by Author Leslie Meier


Birthday Party Murder (2003)

Believable and lovable characters, notably nonagenarian-to-be Julia Ward Howe Tilley (who wears "twinkling" sneakers), add freshness to a familiar story line in Meier's ninth mystery (after 2001's Wedding Day Murder) featuring Lucy Stone, wife, mom, part-time reporter and amateur sleuth. After a ...

Birthday Party Murder (2003) by Leslie Meier

Tippy Toe Murder (1999)

Never would I imagine a book trying to make me sympathize with a pedophile. I don't care if it's one single sentence, that is not something I ever expected to find in a cozy mystery.I'm not sure if Leslie Meter was trying to prove something with this novel. Or rather, I know she was on a rant abo...

Tippy Toe Murder (1999) by Leslie Meier

Mistletoe Murder (1998)

A really old cozy, with a different setting, and I liked it. Lucy and her husband decided not to get involved in the ratrace and left the big city after graduation for life in the country, going back to basics. They did the whole grow your own food, have your own animals thing, but now they “have...

Mistletoe Murder (1998) by Leslie Meier

Wedding Day Murder (2002)

Reporter Lucy Stone’s already busy life ramps up when her best friend, Sue, asks if her daughter’s wedding can take place in Lucy’s lovely gazebo. Although it will mean more work, Lucy’s thrilled at the prospect. She’s watched young Sidra grow up and although Sidra’s lived in New York a while, ev...

Wedding Day Murder (2002) by Leslie Meier

Father's Day Murder (2004)

Sometimes, judging a book by how good it is depends on the relief you feel after finishing the book… If it’s a relief that all the hero/heroine’s struggles ended… It’s good because you did care for the character. If you don’t feel relief at all, then it’s good and the story haunts you. If you wis...

Father's Day Murder (2004) by Leslie Meier

Turkey Day Murder (2002)

Resident amateur sleuth Lucy Stone has a lot on her plate this Thanksgiving... Besides fixing dinner for 12, having to come up with something suitable for two vegan college kids to eat, write for the pennysaver, and deal with her chauvinistic boss, she also has a murder to solve!Curt Nolan and hi...

Turkey Day Murder (2002) by Leslie Meier