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Series: Kilkenny

by Author Louis L'Amour


Monument Rock (1999)

This is a book consisting of mainly short stories. All typical Louis L'Amour western, cowboy story lines. Ladies, if you never read this author, do not be put off. Mr. L'Amour is such an excellent story writer that both men and women will find them interesting. There is just enough of a hint of r...

Monument Rock (1999) by Louis L'Amour

The Rider of Lost Creek (1982)

I used to read L'Amour whenever we went to the beach for Easter. He was light, fast and whenever one of his heroes was trapped in the desert heat without water being pursued by Apaches, I felt better able to empathize while sitting in a deck chair under the hot Alabama sun, having to stretch alm...

The Rider of Lost Creek (1982) by Louis L'Amour

The Mountain Valley War (1997)

Lots of great frontier philosophy in this one. The backstory is highly developed, with lots of interesting character studies. And of course the Kilkenny-Nita romance is one of L'Amour's most compelling, at least for me.In addition to the great gunfights you'd expect from Kilkenny, The Mountain Va...

The Mountain Valley War (1997) by Louis L'Amour