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Series: Key Trilogy

by Author Nora Roberts


Key of Light (2003)

As the first book in the series, Key of Light did the job: it set the story arc up, introduced all the main characters and, in the end, wrapped up the first couple's love story in a nice HEA.The PNR aspect of the story was interesting, with a gothic vibe that was eerie and unexpected. An old mans...

Key of Light (2003) by Nora Roberts

Key of Valor (2003)

The final installment in the trilogy, Key of Valor, revolves around Zoe McCourt, a young single mom who has worked her way out of a less privileged life to provide something better for her son, Simon, and herself. I think Zoe was my favorite of the three. She had reservations about the search for...

Key of Valor (2003) by Nora Roberts

Key of Knowledge (2003)

~* 4.5 Stars *~Strong Second InstallmentOnce upon a time and beyond the Curtain of Power, the Curtain of Dreams, there lived three Celtic demigoddesses, sisters and daughters of a Celtic king and human woman. Some in their world revolted against their existence, offended by their links to mortali...

Key of Knowledge (2003) by Nora Roberts