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Series: Keegan's Chronicles

by Author Julia Crane


Coexistencia (2011)

So...The book isn't from the best I've read. There are things which are cute and sweet but I don't like a lot of things.Well, the main idea was good. It seemed interesting. To have "chosen" and all the other stuff. The problem was the writing. I just didn't liked it. There was a LOT of explanatio...

Coexistencia (2011) by Julia Crane

Coexist (2011)

This book started wonderfully. It ended so confusing. I enjoyed reading it and all, but I have to know what happens next.I usually don't get into books with elves or fairies or anything out of the ordinary, but this book was an exception. I really liked it and I started to get into it when Keegan...

Coexist (2011) by Julia Crane