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Series: Henderson's Boys

by Author Robert Muchamore


Ørnedag (2013)

I was a little disappointed in this second in the series due to the fact that it was not much different than the first. the settings of both stories are very developed but the setting in this book seems to be a bit to similar to the first one. In this book, more characters join Paul, Marc and the...

Ørnedag (2013) by Robert Muchamore

Le Jour de l'Aigle (2013)

I has read the first book a while back and hadn't had time to read the next one so when it saw it in the Library I jumped at the chance of reading it. I am really clear that it did live up to my standards. I loved the characters PT, Marc and Henderson and I felt that they all really grew as char...

Le Jour de l'Aigle (2013) by Robert Muchamore

Eagle Day (2009)

All I have to say is that PT is just as bad as Charles Henderson. Bloody jerks. And also, I just found this book to be boring and unstimulating, to say the least. I did not find any connections with any of the characters. And instead of liking someone or something, I was wallowing in despair and ...

Eagle Day (2009) by Robert Muchamore