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Series: Harland County

by Author Donna Michaels


Her Unbridled Cowboy (2000)

Really love this Harland County Series! Kerri Masters (chef) and Connor McCall (Cowboy) watched their parents play match makers with their siblings Jordan and Cole and now that they are getting married. Kerri and Connor agree they want no part of being set up by their parents. Kerri feels inade...

Her Unbridled Cowboy (2000) by Donna Michaels

Her Fated Cowboy (2013) weakness; and this book has several of them. Cole's wife died in a car accident...he blames himself; Jordan's husband was shot in front of her during a robbery...she lived. Jordan has worked through her pain and is trying to move one while Cole will not...he won't even talk to his fa...

Her Fated Cowboy (2013) by Donna Michaels