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Series: Garrett Files

by Author Glen Cook


Bitter Gold Hearts (1990)

Immédiatement après avoir fini de lire le premier roman de cette série, j'ai commencer le second livre en espérant qu'il soit un peu plus travaillé que le premier livre.C'est assez sidérant de voir la différence directement dans les premières pages du livre, meilleur prose, meilleur écriture, mei...

Bitter Gold Hearts (1990) by Glen Cook

Faded Steel Heat (1999)

I'm pretty sure that in every long series I read, there's one volume whose content I never can remember until I'm actually reading the book again. In the Garrett series, that's Faded Steel Heat. I really like this book, honestly. I just can't sum it up for anyone, unlike Sweet Silver Blues (vampi...

Faded Steel Heat (1999) by Glen Cook

Sweet Silver Blues (1990)

My apologies to the legion of Dresdenites who may be about to burn me in effigy...but Garrett's files are far more entertaining to peruse than those of Jim Butcher's more famous creation. And while I enjoy many aspects of the Dresden stories, Harry himself annoys the bejesus outta me and taints ...

Sweet Silver Blues (1990) by Glen Cook

Wicked Bronze Ambition (2013)

Yes, I do like fantasy/supernatural based mysteries. Don't judge. I've followed Garett from the beginning, and like any character, he ebbs and flows. I appreciate the fact that Mr. Cook is trying to mature the character realistically. I don't know if I necessary enjoy the maturing process, but it...

Wicked Bronze Ambition (2013) by Glen Cook