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Glen Cook

Glen Cook
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Books by Glen Cook


The Many Deaths of the Black Company (2009)

dark and gritty, and yet with a realistic feel when it comes to the fate and development of the characters. i love how the whole series was told from the views of the different personalities, and though somehow i wished there was some details revealed, it ends up that the whole point of having no...

The Many Deaths of the Black Company (2009) by Glen Cook

Wicked Bronze Ambition (2013)

Yes, I do like fantasy/supernatural based mysteries. Don't judge. I've followed Garett from the beginning, and like any character, he ebbs and flows. I appreciate the fact that Mr. Cook is trying to mature the character realistically. I don't know if I necessary enjoy the maturing process, but it...

Wicked Bronze Ambition (2013) by Glen Cook

The Books of the South (2008)

3.5 stars (based on my individual ratings for all three books)The heart is stilled but the corpse stumbles on. The Company is dead in fact but not in name.And we, O merciless gods, stand witness to the power of names.After decades of fighting in the dark empire of the north, the huge and devastat...

The Books of the South (2008) by Glen Cook

Sweet Silver Blues (1990)

My apologies to the legion of Dresdenites who may be about to burn me in effigy...but Garrett's files are far more entertaining to peruse than those of Jim Butcher's more famous creation. And while I enjoy many aspects of the Dresden stories, Harry himself annoys the bejesus outta me and taints ...

Sweet Silver Blues (1990) by Glen Cook

Shadows Linger (1990)

I started this book immediately after I had finished with The black company as I had found the first book to be engaging after 50 pages or so but this book the I think cook has hit his stride from the start, the last book was basically given us to from the pov of Croaker who is basically annalist...

Shadows Linger (1990) by Glen Cook

All Darkness Met (1984)

Rereading Cook's "Dread Empire" books on my way to "A Path to Coldness of Heart." I was struck by how clearly this is his early work. Parts of it are awkward. Other parts are lyrical. Many of the elements of classic, epic fantasy are here, but already Cook puts them through his blender and th...

All Darkness Met (1984) by Glen Cook

The Tower of Fear (1991)

4 AND ½ STARS My first experience with dark fantasy author Glen Cook could not have been more enjoyable. I always look for a good story, solid technical writing that exudes confidence, a strong vocabulary with a unique style, believable and original characters, rich atmosphere, and an overall con...

The Tower of Fear (1991) by Glen Cook

She is the Darkness (1998)

This book is a definite improvement from the last two books in the series, although Bleak seasons was a good book but I definitely thought that it lagged in some parts and main issue with it was our narrator i.e. Murgen just kept jumping from past to present and it was hard to identify where he w...

She is the Darkness (1998) by Glen Cook

Bleak Seasons (1997)

This is the official 6th book in the Chronicles of the Black Company series, by Glen Cook. It's a little confusing, because you would think that The Silver Spike was the 6th book, (or possibly the 5th), as that is where it is chronologically, but it actually doesn't have a number. I'm not sure as...

Bleak Seasons (1997) by Glen Cook

Soldiers Live (2001)

Soldiers live. And wonder why.This book is the culmination of all the Taglian centered Black Company novels. It is a fitting end to the book of Croaker, as we have slowly seen the old guard phased out over the novels since the White Rose.Much to my enjoyment, Croaker is finally back as Company An...

Soldiers Live (2001) by Glen Cook

The Swordbearer (1993)

It's a shame Glen Cook has never continued this tale; the ending unarguably leaves room for a follow-up and we as readers can only hope Glen returns to this particular world of his creation one day. "The Swordbearer" is a deftly-written, action-packed high fantasy tragedy with a truly compelling...

The Swordbearer (1993) by Glen Cook

Doomstalker (1985)

Darkwar is the second series I've read by Cook, and is a beast of a completely different color than The Black Company. At the outset it seems standard, if strange, fantasy, but soon enough you will begin some very serious Sci-fi elements. We're talking space battles here. I went in with absolu...

Doomstalker (1985) by Glen Cook

Faded Steel Heat (1999)

I'm pretty sure that in every long series I read, there's one volume whose content I never can remember until I'm actually reading the book again. In the Garrett series, that's Faded Steel Heat. I really like this book, honestly. I just can't sum it up for anyone, unlike Sweet Silver Blues (vampi...

Faded Steel Heat (1999) by Glen Cook

The Silver Spike (1989)

Even though this is probably one of the lesser lights in the Black Company saga, Cook is a gifted enough writer to always keep me enjoying the story. In a genre that tends often tends to the stale he really is a unique voice writing unique stories. The Silver Spike starts right after the momentou...

The Silver Spike (1989) by Glen Cook

The Return of the Black Company (2009)

A part of me wanted to like Murgen. But mostly I resented him for not telling the story I wanted to read, especially after the last cliffhanger ending.This book is also a great example of why I typically don't read the sprawling multi-volume epics (and yet what are the sequels to [link: The Chron...

The Return of the Black Company (2009) by Glen Cook

The Black Company (1992)

I've heard this described as "Vietnam War fiction on peyote" and I think that's a pretty accurate description. This is wild, dark, bleak stuff and deserves its reputation as a fantasy classic. While other writers had done a marvelous job of plumbing the depths of gritty, amoral fantasy (Robert E....

The Black Company (1992) by Glen Cook

The Tyranny of the Night (2006)

Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews I'm a big fan of Glen Cook and have been since I was a know-it-all teenager, so whenever he puts out a new book, I eventually get around to reading it. Usually I love the thing, because I just enjoy the way the man tells stories. But even I have to say...

The Tyranny of the Night (2006) by Glen Cook

Shadowline (1983)

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. Glen Cook's fantasy novels have a sharp edge and unique style, with dark undertones flowing throughout even the most lighthearted bits of the story. I really like that. In his science fiction he tries something similar. It doesn't QUITE work as wel...

Shadowline (1983) by Glen Cook

Bitter Gold Hearts (1990)

Immédiatement après avoir fini de lire le premier roman de cette série, j'ai commencer le second livre en espérant qu'il soit un peu plus travaillé que le premier livre.C'est assez sidérant de voir la différence directement dans les premières pages du livre, meilleur prose, meilleur écriture, mei...

Bitter Gold Hearts (1990) by Glen Cook

Passage at Arms (2007)

I actually give this 3.5 stars. Having just finished it moments ago, I can say that I enjoyed the final 1/4th of the book more than all the rest of it combined. Most of the time I felt like you could have replaced "spaceship" with "submarine" and you'd have the same damn novel. Which, I suppos...

Passage at Arms (2007) by Glen Cook

Water Sleeps (2000)

Finally done!Kids, I gotta be honest. This one felt kinda like homework.Sleepy is our narrator this time. She's not fun or funny, which is a drag. But she is a genius at guerrilla warfare, and that is pretty great. She is in charge of a tiny ragtag bunch - Company members not cocooning under ...

Water Sleeps (2000) by Glen Cook

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