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Series: Furry United Coalition

by Author Eve Langlais


Doe and the Wolf (2013)

This is the first of Eve’s books that I have read and now I’m thinking to myself…why haven’t I read any of these books sooner?! I’ve seen her books everywhere but just never got around to reading any. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read this one. It was a hoot!So we have Everett, an in your...

Doe and the Wolf (2013) by Eve Langlais

Lion and the Falcon (2013)

This book didn't hold my attention as much as the others in the series so far. Which is probably more my fault than the story, as I was busy. BUT it was still a great read, less humor (or at least less humor that was actually funny to me- a lion conditioning his mane is only so funny the first ti...

Lion and the Falcon (2013) by Eve Langlais

Swan and the Bear (2011)

Wow, another silly bear..You would think Mason would learn and take notes off his brother, but no of course not that would be too easy. I liked Mason once he got past being sleazy and thinking he could just smile his way to get what he wanted.What i really liked was Jessie, i liked that she was a...

Swan and the Bear (2011) by Eve Langlais

Croc And The Fox (2012)

This is the third book in the FUC (Furry United Coalition) series. While this can be read as a stand alone there is a continuing story arc from book one so it will make the most sense if read in order. Renee has been in captivity as long as she remembers. She has undergone experiments, drug tes...

Croc And The Fox (2012) by Eve Langlais

Bunny and the Bear (2011)

You know those guilty pleasures we all have that we are too embarrassed to admit that we have? Well, I think Bunny and the Bear may be one of those types of books.At times the dialogue was a bit immature and cheesy and the plot very predictable; but someone Bunny and the Bear held my interest. Th...

Bunny and the Bear (2011) by Eve Langlais