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Series: Forge Of God

by Author Greg Bear


The Forge of God (2001)

Wow. Not one of Greg Bear's finest, I would say. Although the last third does try to make up for the plodding two thirds. Like most sci-fi written in the past talking about "the future" that is now our past, it has a few stumbling blocks where he didn't get it quite right. Forge of God was writte...

The Forge of God (2001) by Greg Bear

Anvil of Stars (1993)

Sequel to the visionary yet slow and painful Forge of God, Anvil of Stars is a completely different work, both in character and tone. After the destruction of the Earth, surviving adults settle to live out the end of their lives on Mars, while children volunteer to enact The Law, seeking vengeanc...

Anvil of Stars (1993) by Greg Bear