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Greg Bear

Greg Bear
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Books by Greg Bear


Hull Zero Three (2010)

I read this book for the Science Fiction and Fantasy book club that I'm a part of. Wow. What a book. Throughout the first 100 or so pages, I kept thinking, "Is there a plot line?" Characters die and the main is continually "chasing heat" to keep from freezing to death aboard this wacko ship. In t...

Hull Zero Three (2010) by Greg Bear

Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology (1988)

When I picked up 'Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology' I was hoping for an anthology of cyberpunk. That was not exactly what I got. Maybe my understanding of the cyberpunk genre is wrong, and it was just my ignorant expectations that were disappointed. Cyberpunk, I thought, was the genre 'Neuro...

Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology (1988) by Greg Bear

Quantico (2007)

This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog ...

Quantico (2007) by Greg Bear

Hegira (1989)

I went into this book with low to zero expectations. That proved to be a good strategy because the rather slow start and getting to know the people and world took a little patience. This is a very early novel, possibly the first for Greg Bear. My copy of the book shows it was originally written i...

Hegira (1989) by Greg Bear

Eon (1991)

----------------------------------------------I've been amazed at the number of readers that have been so underwhelmed by Eon. This astounding book was published in 1984 and did not anticipate the end of the Cold War, only half a decade away. Some say, with self-righteousness nurtured by hindsig...

Eon (1991) by Greg Bear

Vitals (2003)

As a huge fan of Greg Bear's various wonders of the universe, but I found this to be very dull and disappointing. I love science fiction that is grounded in biology, and Greg Bear has some fantastic biology-driven novels: Blood Music is my favorite, but see also Darwin's Radio, Legacy, and Hull Z...

Vitals (2003) by Greg Bear

Psychlone (1979)

This is a SF author that I enjoy a lot and this novel was no exception, although it was more a supernatural horror with a SF twist at the end. A number of strange occurences are happening throughout America. In a remote log cabin, animals freeze solid, only to come alive again as they thaw and a ...

Psychlone (1979) by Greg Bear

Anvil of Stars (1993)

Sequel to the visionary yet slow and painful Forge of God, Anvil of Stars is a completely different work, both in character and tone. After the destruction of the Earth, surviving adults settle to live out the end of their lives on Mars, while children volunteer to enact The Law, seeking vengeanc...

Anvil of Stars (1993) by Greg Bear

The Wind from a Burning Woman (1991)

When I got this out from the library, I didn't realize it was short stories. And even then, it wasn't until I sat down with it and started to think that, hey, some of these stories seem awfully familiar, that I realized that a couple of years ago I read that mammoth book of Greg Bear's short stor...

The Wind from a Burning Woman (1991) by Greg Bear

The Serpent Mage (1987)

The Serpent Mage" - book two - picks up shortly after Infinity Concerto leaves off. Michael Perrin is back home, living with his parents and continuing his training. Arno Waltiri has left his estate and the disposition of his papers and recordings to Michael. Waltiri has also left his house to Mi...

The Serpent Mage (1987) by Greg Bear

The New Hugo Winners 1983-1985 (1989)

Still enjoying these collections, still marveling at Asimov's ego. His introductions are a little better than they were in the original Hugo series, with *slightly* more emphasis on the authors and the stories themselves. But Isaac still has that self-deprecating-but-not-really tone that says (to...

The New Hugo Winners 1983-1985 (1989) by Greg Bear

Foundation and Chaos (1999)

‘In ‘Foundation and Chaos’, one of science fiction’s greatest storytellers takes one of its greatest stories into new and fascinating territory. Isaac Asimov’s classic Foundation series is back. Hari Seldon, approaching the end of his life, is on trial for daring to predict the Empire’s fall. At ...

Foundation and Chaos (1999) by Greg Bear

A Case of Conscience (2000)

A Case of Conscience: A Catholic priest faces aliens with morality but no religionOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureGreat A-side, dreadful B-side. This is James Blish’s 1959 Hugo-winning SF novel, expanded from the1953 novella. Part One (the original novella) is set on planet Lithia, introdu...

A Case of Conscience (2000) by Greg Bear

The Infinity Concerto (1988)

The title, summary, and about the first third of this book intrigued me very much, which made me all the more disappointed when it all went flat. Bear incorporates some excellent fantasy elements -- Lamia, the Crane Women, humans confined to a sort of ghetto in the realm of the Sidhe, the mystic...

The Infinity Concerto (1988) by Greg Bear

Strength of Stones (2002)

Mmm, I've read this before in paperback quite a long time ago. This time in kindle format, I found it a bit disjointed, the viewpoint changes from one character to another without anything to give you a clue there's a transition. This may be down to the kindle formatting rather than the author th...

Strength of Stones (2002) by Greg Bear

Moving Mars (2007)

As a fairly regular reader of science-fiction, I had seen many of Greg Bear’s novels on the shelves at my local library. I can be rather narrow-minded when it comes to exploring new authors. I vaguely recall having read at least one other Greg Bear novel; so long ago I don’t even remember the t...

Moving Mars (2007) by Greg Bear

Rogue Planet (2001)

Set three years after the events of The Phantom Menace, Rogue Planet sees Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker sent to the mysterious world of Zonama Sekot to discover the truth about the planet and the disappearance two years before of the Jedi Knight Vergere.(view spoi...

Rogue Planet (2001) by Greg Bear

Dinosaur Summer (1998)

A big, old-fashioned adventure story, Dinosaur Summer starts from the premise that the events of The Lost World (the 1912 novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, not the Michael Crichton novel) are real. In Dinosaur Summer, Conan Doyle and his fellow adventurers discovered a hidden world in South Americ...

Dinosaur Summer (1998) by Greg Bear

Darwin's Children (2004)

This book is pure emotion.I don’t actually know how I feel about it. There are parts of it that are probably some of my most favourite scenes I have ever read, and I highlighted a whole bunch of shit just because I really really liked the way it was written. And there are a bunch of parts that ma...

Darwin's Children (2004) by Greg Bear

The Forge of God (2001)

Wow. Not one of Greg Bear's finest, I would say. Although the last third does try to make up for the plodding two thirds. Like most sci-fi written in the past talking about "the future" that is now our past, it has a few stumbling blocks where he didn't get it quite right. Forge of God was writte...

The Forge of God (2001) by Greg Bear

King Kong (2005)

Without doubt, this is one of the finest movie novelizations ever written. In a genre of literature that is so often a cash grab in modern times, 1932's King Kong by mystery writer Delos W. Lovelace is a cut above the rest.If you've seen the movie, you know the story: reckless film director Denha...

King Kong (2005) by Greg Bear

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