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Series: Five Kingdoms

by Author Brandon Mull


The Rogue Knight (2014)

In the second book of the Five Kingdom series, Cole continues to help Mira and his friends on their quest to save Mira's sister, Honor. While on the quest, the group encounters new friends, enemies, and even old enemies. They have even encountered the infamous Rogue Knight, who takes over town af...

The Rogue Knight (2014) by Brandon Mull

Rogue Knight (2014)

This is the second book in the Five Kingdoms series by Mull. There will be five books in this series. The third book will be titled, Crystal Keepers, and is scheduled to release in March 2015. This book was just as fantastic as the first book in this series. Previously I have read Mull’s Fabl...

Rogue Knight (2014) by Brandon Mull

Five Kindoms #1 (2000)

The first book in Brandon Mull's latest series is as enjoyable as his other epic adventures. This time a boy from our world, Cole, and his friends are kidnapped and taken to a different world as slaves. Of course this is Mull's imagination we are delving into, so these slaves will be used for a...

Five Kindoms #1 (2000) by Brandon Mull

Sky Raiders (2014)

I'am really glad i read this book because it was not like all the other books i read lately.The only reason i didn't gave it 5 stars is because i hope the 2th book will even be greater .I liked al the characters but the most i liked how it started with the halloween theme.And of course all the pl...

Sky Raiders (2014) by Brandon Mull