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Series: Farm

by Author Andrew Grey


Love Means... No Limits (2013)

This is a hard one for me. I read this book when it first came out and liked it just fine. I didn't love Spider/Bart as a character, but I liked Tyron, I liked the story between them, and I love the farm and the other men who live on it. I don't think Spider was as realistically portrayed as he c...

Love Means... No Limits (2013) by Andrew  Grey

Love Means... No Fear (2010)

3.5 Stars!I have been looking forward to Raine's story since we met him in book one. There was just something about him that had me thinking..'I NEED to know more about that guy'. I found myself a bit disappointed in how his story went, in my mind he needed a whole lot more. Jonah was adorable...

Love Means... No Fear (2010) by Andrew  Grey

Love Means... No Shame (2009)

One of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read. I loved the way Geoff and Eli's relationship develops over time. The way they gradually get to know one another; the courtship; the way they grapple with uncertainty over their growing feelings for each other and then the way they give in...

Love Means... No Shame (2009) by Andrew  Grey

Liebe gegen jede Regel (2000)

So I've come to a startling realization about myself. Well, okay not all that startling. But explains a lot about the books I enjoy... and the books I don't. I like angst and drama. I need some intense emotions and feelings to be attached to a character and I didn't get that from this book. I got...

Liebe gegen jede Regel (2000) by Andrew  Grey

Amour... Sans Honte (2009)

I had so many watery eyes while reading this book. We meet Geoff as an adult. We reconnect with Len after the death of Cliff. And we meet Eli. I loved how good hearted Geoff was, I think Eli complimented him perfectly. I wish there was more communication between the two of them. I wish we would ...

Amour... Sans Honte (2009) by Andrew  Grey

Amore significa... nessuna vergogna (2009)

Der Tod seines Vaters zwingt Geoff sein Leben in Chicago hinter sich zu lassen und auf die elterliche Farm zurückzukehren. Dort muss er sich im Farmalltag zurechtfinden, den Tod seines Vaters verarbeiten und auch noch Len – den Lebenspartner seines Vaters – zu trösten. Geoff, der selbst schwul is...

Amore significa... nessuna vergogna (2009) by Andrew  Grey