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Series: Fang Chronicles

by Author D'Elen McClain


Zenya's Story (2013)

So far my favorite of the series. Not just a love story, the story of the healing and creation of a family. I read Mandy's Story in an anthology first and had to find the rest of the series. I do hope after Dimitri's story there will be more. I enjoy the different take on the Vampire, Beastkind w...

Zenya's Story (2013) by D'Elen McClain

Amy's Story (2012)

I loved this new approach of how vampires and beasts (werewolves and all the other species) need each other for survival. It is a win win situation and for once, we don't have the usual rivalry and contempt between the two kind of supernatural.I have to say I was also very surprised by how fast A...

Amy's Story (2012) by D'Elen McClain