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Series: Dark Days

by Author Jocelynn Drake


Burn the Night (2011)

As the epic climax of the Dark Days series approaches, Mira finds herself beset by enemies on every side: Her former mentor Jabari is out for her blood; Mira's father, the god of chaos, wants to use her to regain his position of power; the Daylight Coalition is targeting the supernatural inhabita...

Burn the Night (2011) by Jocelynn Drake

Firestarter (2011)

This was a great book. I read the whole series and loved each and every one of them. Jocelynn Drake develops the characters nicely and keeps things interesting by adding new dimensions to them as the series continues. The series is full of action and romance and there are enough twists you do...

Firestarter (2011) by Jocelynn Drake

Wait for Dusk (2010)

I'm done. I'm done with this series. JUST FUCKING TALK TO EACH OTHER! You're over a thousand years old and you're idiots whenever it's serves to move the plot forward. This book added nothing to the series outside of the first and last chapters it was just pointless overwrought blood bath after c...

Wait for Dusk (2010) by Jocelynn Drake

Dawnbreaker (2009)

Dawnbreaker was fabulous! Every book in this series gets better!In Dawnbreaker Mira and Danaus are preparing to stop the last sacrifice so that the Aurora, the queen of the Naturi, and the rest of the Naturi can't come through the magic door.They get a very unexpected ally, one of Aurora's sister...

Dawnbreaker (2009) by Jocelynn Drake

Posłaniec świtu (2010)

Again, there's no real conclusion to the story, just a near-conclusion that is obviously just a break before the next chapter. There's enough of an ending to the initial story arc that it feels like it was originally planned as a trilogy, but then Drake got a contract extension so she threw in s...

Posłaniec świtu (2010) by Jocelynn Drake

Łowca ciemności (2010)

Can't wait to read more in the series! Can't wait to read more in the series!

Łowca ciemności (2010) by Jocelynn Drake

Day Hunter (2000)

3.5 I was ok. Not my best read but good enough that I finished it and will read the next one.

Day Hunter (2000) by Jocelynn Drake

Dayhunter (2009)

I loved the first book of this series. I was completely riveted by the characters, the world Ms. Drake created and the dark, edgy vibe to it. Dayhunter was boring. Absolutely nothing happened, and this novel was nothing more than just a filler. Mira and Danaus were in a few battles, Mira had peop...

Dayhunter (2009) by Jocelynn Drake