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Series: Cirque Des Immortels

by Author A.R. Kahler


The Immortal Circus: Act One (2013)

I like the concept of this book very much. Queen Mab alive and well running a circus of fey and witches. I found Vivienne and Kingston likable and interesting enough to get invested in but the periphery characters were underdeveloped as was much of the storyline. There are so many good ideas here...

The Immortal Circus: Act One (2013) by A.R. Kahler

Immortal Circus, The (2013)

It was an excellent book, a little bit of everything you need in a introducing trilogy book. It leaves you wondering what is going to happen next. The way the author describes the characters leaves you the chance to mold them in your mind to your liking. I think it was a great written book. He ma...

Immortal Circus, The (2013) by A.R. Kahler