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Series: Callaways

by Author Barbara Freethy


On a Night Like This (2012)

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I bought the Sweet Life Boxed set, and after reading the first book in the set, was a little wary of reading anymore. But, after reading the synopsis, I decided to give On a Night Like This a chance.Boy am I glad I did!I couldn't put this book down. It too...

On a Night Like This (2012) by Barbara Freethy

In Einer Nacht Wie Dieser (2014)

Ainden Callaway is still reeling from the death of this best friend and fellow firefighter smokejumper Kyle. If only he could remember clearly what happened in the fire that took his friend's life, but he couldn't be sure of all the facts so clearing his name was not possible. He needed time to c...

In Einer Nacht Wie Dieser (2014) by Barbara Freethy