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Series: By Fire

by Author Andrew Grey


Heat Under Fire (2013)

this book started out so good. it was almost unrelated to the previous 3. But later in the book the main character from the other books appear briefly. it has a great twist on why Justin quite literally cannot talk to a man he's attracted to. But then it just ends. There was so much left unanswe...

Heat Under Fire (2013) by Andrew  Grey

Burnished by Fire (2012)

I have come to really enjoy the extended story of this couple- Dirk and Lee. I like reading stories when a character grows. Dirk started out as quite the jerk and on the surface, quite unlovable in book one. He had issues with his own sexuality and with his dad which understandably influenced ...

Burnished by Fire (2012) by Andrew  Grey

Strengthened By Fire (2012)

A great continuation of Lee & Dirk's story. Again a fairly light story overall, but then that is what is expected with this author (well at least, it's what I expect).There are times where great drama is appropriate. And then there are times when things just happen and problems don't drag on fore...

Strengthened By Fire (2012) by Andrew  Grey

Fortalecidos por fuego (2014)

I was so pleased to discover that there was a sequel to Redeemed by Fire because I wanted to spend more time with the characters and there was a certain story thread that hadn't been tied up. But it got even better when I started reading and realized that this story switched points of view so no...

Fortalecidos por fuego (2014) by Andrew  Grey

Redemption by Fire (2012)

Dirk is a firefighter, that loves his job. His father hates it. Hes in the closet so far he's afraid of even thinking about another man. He's severly injured in a fire and hospitalized. He find out how much his bad attitude has affected his standing at the station when no one comes to visit. ...

Redemption by Fire (2012) by Andrew  Grey

Redención por fuego (2014)

Coming out is never easy, even as an adult as Dirk discovers when he falls for Lee. The hardest part of coming out is often coming out to yourself. I find it increasingly difficult to fathom how a parent could ever reject one of their own children as Lee's parents did, yet I know it is happenin...

Redención por fuego (2014) by Andrew  Grey

Le Baptême du Feu (2014)

This is my first by Mr. Grey, so this is virgin territory for me. I won't be a stranger to his works after reading this. This was a fun, light read, just what I needed after the past few weeks of personal problems. I quickly got attached to Lee and Dirk. I really wanted the book to be longer, the...

Le Baptême du Feu (2014) by Andrew  Grey

Il fuoco della redenzione (2013)

Hot firemen! Love me some hot firemen!Dirk is a firefighter and an asshole. No one in the firehouse really likes Dirk. He's an asshole. Dirk gets hurt in a fire and lands in the hospital.Lee is the newbie.He's young, he's hot and he's gay. He's sent to visit Dirk in the hospital. The attraction b...

Il fuoco della redenzione (2013) by Andrew  Grey