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Series: After Dark

by Author Kahlen Aymes


Promises After Dark (2014)

Review By Tracy Promises After Dark is the 3rd book in the After Dark series by Kahlen Aymes. My thoughts? After seriously loving Angel After Dark and Confessions After Dark I really though this going to be another 5 star review for this series. But sadly it was not. I had a really hard time gett...

Promises After Dark (2014) by Kahlen Aymes

Confessions After Dark (2014)

This book started right where book one ended, and it immediately took off with tension and suspense that had me fidgeting the entire time. Whereas book 1 was centered on building up the characters and their attraction towards each other, this one was at a faster pace packed with intense emotions ...

Confessions After Dark (2014) by Kahlen Aymes

O Abraço da Noite (2012)

For Elizabeth Villiers the opportunity to house sit a beautiful flat in a posh London neighborhood is God sent. Trying to get away from everything that reminds her of a broken heart and past relationship, the sight of Randolph Gardens become addictive - in particular that of her handsome neighbor...

O Abraço da Noite (2012) by Sadie Matthews

L'étreinte de la nuit (2012)

the first couple of chapters it was a bit slow..but it finally picked up and thats when the action was okay..didnt blow my mind like certain books with bdsm references do to me..i felt it was too weak..i felt that Beth us not submissive and threw me off a lot..i have changed it from 3st...

L'étreinte de la nuit (2012) by Sadie Matthews

Giocando col fuoco (2012)

After the travesty that was the Fifty Shades of Grey books, I swore I'd never read another series in that vein again. Bad characterizations, bad plot...I could go on about what was wrong with that series. And yet, there was a small spark of potential there. One day at the library, I don't know wh...

Giocando col fuoco (2012) by Sadie Matthews

Angel After Dark (2014)

I'm not sure how I feel about this book. I was able to get this book for free from Amazon. The story reminds me of the Crossfire series but just not as good. I will admit there were times I skimmed and skipped ahead. For the first half (if not more) of the book, both Alex and Angel are to much in...

Angel After Dark (2014) by Kahlen Aymes

Fire After Dark (2012)

This book was a great read for me. It had the hot male character, the female we all wish to be, the adorable friend and the character we just don't like. Although the story lost me in parts, overall I loved it.The book had a nice plot, and some foreseeable events. I wasn't expecting the speed at ...

Fire After Dark (2012) by Sadie Matthews