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Series: A Roland March Mystery

by Author J. Mark Bertrand


Pattern of Wounds (2011)

This is my second book by this author, who I had never even heard of before I got the first one in this series as a free download for Kindle. I'm not sure if this is his first series but I just really like the way he writes. It's not any kind of bestseller as far as I know but, as with the first ...

Pattern of Wounds (2011) by J. Mark Bertrand

Back on Murder (2010)

I give “Back on Murder” a 2 or a 2.5. I got this book as a free download from a book service. My expectations were low and were easily met. It was a decent plot and I enjoyed meeting Roland March and the other characters. There were sufficient complications to keep me reading. March is a pa...

Back on Murder (2010) by J. Mark Bertrand