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Series: 07-Ghost

by Author Yuki Amemiya


07-Ghost - Tome 1 (2013)

No words can describe just how fantastic this Manga is. The plot is quite strange, in a good way, and charms you into wanting to read more of it. The character development is astonishing. With each chapter the main character, Teito Klein, evolves and learns new things."Good" and "bad" are very va...

07-Ghost - Tome 1 (2013) by Yuki Amemiya

07-Ghost, Volume 01 (2008)

It's very enjoyable with its amazing plot's and super cool characters although the art and fast pace sometimes gets confusing and you don't know whats actually happening.The Characters - Many super cool and bad ass characters. Could have done with more girls. The artist made most of its male char...

07-Ghost, Volume 01 (2008) by Yuki Amemiya