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Flat-Out Love (2011)

Flat-Out Love (2011)

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Jessica Park

About book Flat-Out Love (2011)

I listened to the audiobook for Flat-Out Love. I did not have any specific expectation for the story but I absolutely loved it! It was simultaneously interesting, witty and heartwarming! The narrator was excellent so I think she brought the characters to life even more. While I loved all the characters, Celeste was my favourite. I just realized that her story continues in Flat-Out Celeste. I'm still reading it's and it's funny. I love her even more! Quirky, fun, quick read that is simple enough for a relaxing beach read. As intelligent as the characters are, the book is dumbed down a bit, and I figured out the mystery before I hit the 20% mark while reading. However, it was mostly light and fun, and that's what I needed to read at the moment. For as many times as Julie's father was mentioned, I was hoping for more character "development", but that's in another book. Matt and Julie, the main characters, are entertaining although dysfunctional, and my love for Celeste grew with each page. You won't walk away feeling smarter, but you might have a bit bigger of a heart for those who deal with major trauma in their lives.

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I really enjoyed this book!


i enjoyed this book♥

well done sweet story

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