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Flash And Bones (2011)

Flash and Bones (2011)

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Yup, finished this just after midnight this morning after starting it yesterday. I always enjoy a good mystery. I have to admit I didn't know pretty much anything about NASCAR racing but now I have some basics. One of the things that I really like about Kathy Reichs' books is that she gives so much detail and you can tell she has researched topics really well to give background information. Plus, she doesn't focus on the personal relationships of the characters in all of the books but does make mention of them from time to time. This book is my first from this author. Personally, I am an avid watcher of the TV series Bones, from which the series is loosely based, I decided to give this book a try and it being really cheap and looking so new did not hurt this trying.It seemed silly, I mean from someone who keeps on saying to never expect a movie adaptation to be the replica of a book, that I still asked my sister to google for me the name of Booth's version in the book. There is no "Booth". The Brennan-book has Andrew Ryan but he is not exactly Booth in a sense. There is no Angela. There is no Hodgins. And no sexy interns like Wendell. Hahaha.Okay, back to the book. I did enjoy the reading, because the book precisely runs in the TV series formula. Wait, it should be the opposite. Fine, they pretty much run in the same format, book and TV-wise. I did not even mind that I have to check a science dictionary for terms like "sternum" and "occipital". I mean in the TV series, you just have to watch, right? But if I have to be honest here, I enjoyed the book because I am already biased to the TV series. You know what I mean? I have to say that I love and secretly prefer the TV series.But, I will not judge an author because of 1 book. She already has 16 or 17 published works and I'll try to look for the first work she published, Deja Dead. And we'll see.

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Under twenty four hours to read this....I loved the storyline.

One of the best of this series. I couldn't put it down.

Tempe does it again!

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