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Feral Sins (2012)

Feral Sins (2012)

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161197185 (ISBN13: 978161197184)
Suzanne Wright

About book Feral Sins (2012)

I read the EDITED version first and absolutely loved it. Trey is smokin hot and total alpha male, Taryn is a spit-fire and I really enjoyed her character. I love how they grew as a couple and all that. This book was sweet and erotic and amazing. Hard to put down. I highly recommend it. Imagine my shock when I go to read other people's reviews and find out that there was an orgy!? I was shocked. I almost didn't believe it. A Taryn-Trey-multiple-other-men orgy is so against the whole book. What overprotective alpha male has an orgy with over men starring his mate? Naturally being the curious soul that I am, I went to read the orgy scene online that has been cut out. HOLY SHIT was that unexpected and intense. Some serious kinky-fuckery. It was hot in my opinion, but I enjoy kinky shit. When the author was offered a deal with amazon publishers, they said that they don't allow sex scenes with more than two people involved (which I find lame and tame, but I digress) so she had to revise it. That being said, I HIGHLY suggest that anyone reading this book should read the EDITED version first. You won't be sorry!! If you're curious about the orgy scene then go read it on the author's site AFTER you've read the edited story. Do yourself a favor and consider it to be fan fiction instead of actually having a place in the book. The edited story line was much better for Trey and Taryn. The orgy scene was just a hot bonus. Taryn is caught between a rock and a hard place, when her Alpha father decides that she's to mate with an Alpha from another pack. The only way out of that deal is to accept Trey's offer and become his mate instead, but Trey is rumored to be a psycho after he nearly killed his father at fourteen. How will she know which is the lesser of the two evils?This is a fairly long book and I can't help but think it's a bit too long, not that I complain about the page count, it's more that the author appear to be trying too hard. Apart from the central relationship story between Taryn and Trey there's more than one side story. However the side stories seems to be more of a distraction and aren't really given enough attention. Once a side plot reaches it's boiling point it's swiftly dealt with within a few pages and they don't really provide any tension or suspense. They do contribute with a bit of texture to the world building and on the surface the world building feels both familiar and true to the werewolf legacy as well as it feels new and fresh. However when you look closer the world doesn't fully add up.Building alliances appear to be very important, but it isn't really clear why. It's hinted at with Trey's uncle, but there's not mention of other occasions where alliances have proven crucial so it comes across as an isolated incident.One of the real strengths of the author are the vivid characters that's built through great dialogues, where the voices are distinctive and personal even if some of them comes across as a bit caricaturist and cliche. They add a humoristic twist but also prevents you from taking the book too seriously.The sex scenes leans a bit too far towards maledom, which doesn't really suit Taryn's character that well (IMHO) and I would have liked to have her bedroom self be as feisty as her normal personality, but alas..Overall a good book and I'm looking forward to read more of the series to see where things go.

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She must have edited this book recently, because there was no menage orly scene at the end.

4.5 hilarious stars! Omg sooo funny!!

This book is a great read!

Funny and sexy as hell.

oh holy goodness

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