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Falls Chance Ranch (2000)

Falls Chance Ranch (2000)

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About book Falls Chance Ranch (2000)

I had mixed feelings about this book. I don't understand it. How could someone (Dale) be expected to get anything out of the supposed therapy if he was not given any exploration of what his problem was and how the "therapy" of working on this ranch might help him? I've been in therapy, and there were clear explanations of how the particular type of therapy works, and how it might help me. It seems like Dale was tricked into the situation and he decided to give it his all, which, ironically, was his problem. And if he was having hallucinations, shouldn't there have been some kind of medical oversight? Characters in novels with possible health problems who get no medical care are real turn-offs for me.And then he was invited to join their relationship, with no mention of love, or anything personal, other than he seemed to be suited to their lifestyle? I found that extremely weird - almost like a business proposition. I could take a romance without on-page sex, but a romance without the romance is just, well, weird! Dale seems to have been starved for love as a child, and used school and work as a way to not have time to miss it. So couldn't the guys have loved on him a little more if this was really a romantic relationship?Some of the ranch life seemed a little off - I don't think two-year-old horses intended to be eventers would be going through what seemed to be described as strenuous under-saddle training - actually jumping? Not sure about that. And were there no chickens? Oddly, though I enjoyed reading the books. I could imagine riding over the plains of Wyoming, and I loved the descriptions of the horses and their personalities and herd behavior. Excellent !!! Étonnant qu'un éditeur ne se soit pas intéressé à cette romance ! Les personnages sont attachants, leurs caractère et personnalité sont bien décrits, l'histoire est très bien construite, l'aspect psychologique est vraiment décortiqué à fond. Apparemment l'auteur sait de quoi il parle. Il a fourni un travail remarquable et très bien documenté. Merci à lui de nous avoir offert ce livre gracieusement.Je me suis posée aussi une petite question (pas important de connaître la réponse mais juste pour m'amuser) : Est-ce que les lettres AED ont une signification particulière pour l'auteur ? On les retrouve constamment dans l'identité de Dale, et à chaque fois dans un ordre différent :DAE : D A l E EDA (ou EAD) : E D w A r DADE : A D E nDEA : Dale Edward Aden

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I read this at 18 and didn't stop thinking about it for six years.

loved loved loved it!!!!!!!! Can anyone say hooked? Next please!

I agree with most of the lower rating reviews... It was slow

One of the best character-driven books I've ever read.

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