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Every Thing On It (2011)

Every Thing on It (2011)

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0061998168 (ISBN13: 9780061998164)

About book Every Thing On It (2011)

This book is all poems. And I love poems! Especially Shel Silversteins because he makes the poems always funny and he draws good pictures that match the poems. He wrote many books. My favorite poem is really short and is called "Asleep." This is how it goes: "My lazy foot just fell asleep when I sat down to sup. I yelled and screamed. But on it dreamed. Well...this should wake it up." You should look at the picture to it -- it will be really funny!!!You'll laugh your head off. Shel Silverstein is a poetic genius. His poems are great. I enjoy reading this collection because, like his other collections, it made me laugh. The poem I chose is called, "Itch". This poem is short and sweet."Itch"Please scratch my back and I'll make you rich.I can't reach the place I itch.Oo-ee-ooo, that feels so fine-Thank you, friend, a million times.Give you money? Why? What for?I ain't itchin' anymore.

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Shel Silverstein rocksthe whimsical poemalways makes me smileif not laugh out loud

The "garlic breath" poem alone gives this book a rating of five stars.

I think this is as good as his other books. I mean good and funny.

Riley & I read this over the summer. Splendid.

Confession: I'd never read this before.

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