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Con Todo (2013)

Con Todo (2013)

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About book Con Todo (2013)

This poetry book was published after Shel Silverstein passed away. These previously unpublished poems were selected by Silverstein’s family. The 145 poems were eliminated from his earlier books, but only because they did not fit in the order Silverstein was looking for in a given collection. The illustrations were drawn only after carefully using previous books to find the balance between pictures and poetry. Close associates said Silverstein liked to mix up his poetry, providing a variety so that a child or any reader would never be bored; that every page would be entertaining." Some poems in this book include “School” – consisting only of, “Rain and hail/ Cold and snow/ Are good excuses not to go” – and “The Genie in the Flask,” in which genie legends get turned on their head. “I opened up that magic flask/ And zoof, up popped a genie… He says that I must be his slave/ And oh, he isn’t kidding.” Silverstein’s poems have a variety of rhyming patterns, and most poems are one stanza of a variety of lines. This book would fit in nicely in a poetry unit, and the poems would motivate a child to read through their entertaining value. I will always love Shel Silverstein's poetry books. I feel like they are filled with such character! These poems are not like any other poems I have read. I think they way he plays with words and creates his own words and language require true talent. I have used Shel Silverstein books in my class before and I read them aloud to children. It allows them to practice imagery, we frequently talked about what they pictured as I read it out loud. I have also used this to practice fluency. Silverstein incorporates so many aspects into his poetry that it is perfect to use to expose children to all different types. I also use his poetry as a model to write our own poems. I use example of the alliteration he uses and the style and shape of his poems. My favorite poem in this book was called "In My Garden". This poem was unique because it had 26 words in the poem and each one started with the next letter in the alphabet. I thought that was very clever and to create a poem that made sense like that took great skill.

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This is another one of Shel Silverstein's poem books. The pictures throughout this book are amazing.

Awesome book. Easy read of course but still very good as always for Shel.

A creative, clever and funny book of poems, it's pure fun!!

Read this book with my girls over and over.

I cannot get enough of this guy.

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