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Epic Fail (2011)

Epic Fail (2011)

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Si soy honesta, no sabía que era una adaptación de Orgullo y Prejuicio hasta que ya había leído parte del libro. De algun modo, la trama me sonaba, y cuando avance más me di cuenta de porque. Y para ser una adaptación, me gusto bastante. Me pareció original la forma que tuvo la autora para presentar los personajes de una manera más moderna y en la que no fuera una completa transformación del libro a esta epoca. La autora se preocupo en dejar algunos trazos escenciales de cada personaje y de la trama, pero la trabajo de una forma independiente y eso me pareció genial. Hace que lo veas en una perspectiva más de "novela" que de "adaptación". Los personajes quedaron bien logrados, Logan no llegaba al extremo de orgulloso que Darcy, pero tiene su propio encanto. Elise tiene la rudeza de Elizabeth, pero de una manera un tanto más... ¿ironica?. Webster es una versión bastante modificada del tramposo Wickam. Juliana y Chase son iguales a Jane y Bingley, solo que parecen tener más caracter, lo que es una mejora. y los demás, también sufren sus pequeñas trasnformaciones de acuerdo a la trama, que me parecieron correctas. (Otro punto para el autor! :P)Lo único que no me gusto fue que me pareció corta. hubiera querido más, en especial con ese final jajaja.En fin, fue una novela que disfrute. Complemtamente. I read this book because of the celebrity status of Derek's parents. It was an interesting factor. I wanted to see how Derek managed everyday life having parents as famous as our own Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I was also curious to see how the love triangle mentioned in the book blurb was going to play out. Epic Fail has been described as a `modernization of Pride and Prejudice' - a book I have not yet read but plan on reading sometime. Perhaps I'll have to re-read Epic Fail once I've read Pride and Prejudice to better compare the two.What I liked about the book was how it ended. It didn't wrap up to perfectly like I expected it to. I had expected Elise to just choose one of the guys for certain reasons and that didn't happen (thankfully). I'm happy with whom she ended up with, and why she ended up with him. Elise is a good person with good intensions.I liked the family values and moral code instilled in Elise and her older sister. They may not like all the rules implemented by their parents but they respect them and understand the reasoning behind them. A lot of characters in books/movies are really immature about rules set for them by their parents and I'm glad they weren't those kind of characters. As much as I despised Chelsea's character, she was quite three-dimensional. The author brought her to life in such an annoying way.There were a lot of times I was annoyed by the story but it had a little bit of everything- a love triangle, some teenage tension and just a little bit of that expected angst. It was a nice read but it didn't blow me away. I'd say this was a pretty mediocre love story. If you're looking for something fun, light and not too serious, well, this book is all of those things.

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A contemporary take on "Pride and Prejudice"

Superficial, teenage short novel.

Its an amazing book

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