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Emblaze (2011)

Emblaze (2011)

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3.5-4.0 starsAlthough the plot is moving forward, it kind of bugged me that this whole third book was really repetitive. Basically the whole book is something like this: - Lincoln and Violet avoiding looking at each other - suppressing their feelings and consciously torturing one another- a whole lot of planning planning planning- working out- skipping school- tiptoe-ing around Violet's dad- and repeat.It only really got exciting for me during the last few chapters when Phoenix shows up.The only up-side I found in this whole book was the minor characters--Spence is a gem. He needs to get his own spin-off or something 'cause he's probably my favorite character. Steph has really stepped it up as well. She's a great friend and a useful ally.Another up-side is there's no more useless drama concerning Magda or any other girl Violet might be jealous about. The whole thing with Jase is pretty cute but really random.. Anyways, as far as romance goes, it's mostly just Violet and Lincoln pining for each other. I don't understand how they can be so stubborn... why don't they realize that their powers are stronger together? Come onnnnnnn. Wow! Another great book by Jessica Shirvington. Usually in the books I read, I get bored after the first book due to a terrible plot that's not well planned but it's different in the Embrace series. Everything is well planned, ever since the first book. It's an addictive series, I'm so glad I started reading it. Phoenix is the one I want with Violet. He's able to provide her with what she needs, he can protect her well, he understands her like no other. In many ways, he's just like her. He wants her but he doesn't want to want her. Whereas Lincoln is that guy who thinks she isn't strong enough for the most part. In the previous book, he's all close to her but now he's completely shut down. I get that the reason is the fear of what might happen to the other if one of them dies. But shouldn't that make them see everything much more valuable and that they should spend the time they can together? The end of the book leaves you cliff hanging so you should probably expect a book hangover, unless you have Endless already.

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Because of this book I spent all saturday night at home reading. This shows how good it is....

Omg major cliff hanger wtf the feels!!!!!! Love it so much ;DDD

A-mazing loved it and can't wait to read the next one!

Great series

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