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Elminster In Myth Drannor (1998)

Elminster in Myth Drannor (1998)

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About book Elminster In Myth Drannor (1998)

Elminster in Myth Drannor is a story about a developing, somewhat naive but powerful mage that is sent to Cormanthor to aid the city in some manner deemed necessary by his god, Mystra. I think it was an overall great story resulting in something that had nothing but good willed intentions for Cormanthor (Myth Drannor). Although good intentions are often met with hardcore opposition, as is the case in this novel.While I enjoyed the book and the story, I think it could have been handled in an overall better manner. Greenwoods descriptive style is less direct and more symbolic and analogous like, which isn't altogether a bad thing. Its great for describing things like magical effects (which he did well), but can be overwhelming for things regarding characterization. This led to slight inconsistencies in character and overall flow from time to time. Also there were a lot of things that just "happened" as a result of calls to Elminsters deity, Mystra, whom he called on often. The epilogue was weird because it seemed like a complete chapter, illustrating details about what was taking place in the conversion of Cormanthor to Myth Drannor. It could easily have been the last chaper in the novel, followed by an epilogue that described the after affects of the mythal and state of the Myth Drannan citizens.Overall I would recommend this book only to people that enjoy the Forgotten Realms setting and elven behavior/character. It is also fun if you are into magic, as the elves within the story are mostly mages with spells that erupt frequently and with much tumult.

The beginning is pretty exciting with all the action, but once he settled in the elf town things get pretty boring... I didn't managed to read it to the end... also I felt Elminster is a Gary Stu. He can do anything and charm anyone.

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Not too shabby. We join Elminster, Old Mage and the last Prince of Athalantar as he enters the elven city of Cormanthor and helps them to weave the magic of the first of the great Mtyhals and transform the city forever into Myth Drannor. A place destined in Realms history to be a place of great magic, beauty, and terror.This is the beginning of the end of a great elven age here. Cormanthor, long walled off from the rest of the world, opens their doors to the 'lesser' races, and in time this attempt to reconnect the elves with the rest of the world destroys them.Classic Realms at its best. Murder, mystery, adventure, and meddling gods, as Mystra is the one to tell Elminster to go to Cormanthor and learn what he can of magic from the elves.I found myself skimming in places to move on with the story. Ed Greenwood seems to get a little bit long winded here, but otherwise I really enjoyed it.
—Forgotten Realms Queen

Esta segunda entrega de la serie, tras Elminster: La Forja De Un Mago, comienza con el viaje hasta la Ciudad del Canto, y la dura negativa de la mayoría de los elfos nobles a aceptar entre ellos a un humano. La siguiente parte (francamente aburrida) sitúa a Elminster aprendiendo magia élfica bajo las órdenes del Enmascarado, para finalmente enfrentarse a los elfos que desean eliminar a su rey (que pretende abrir las fronteras a todos los pueblos).A mi parecer, un libro francamente innecesario.{Más detalles de la serie en mi reseña del cofre inicial: Elminster: La forja de un mago, Elmnster en Myth Drannor y La tentación de Elminster}
—Fco. V. Salvador

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