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El Principe Y La Camarera (2008)

El Principe Y La Camarera (2008)

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0373896212 (ISBN13: 9780373896219)

About book El Principe Y La Camarera (2008)

Just okay. It seemed to me to be very much on the surface. The story seemed to be lacking in a clear focus. The prince had emotional issues from how a woman had cheated on him years ago. And he thought he was sterile and he leaped to conclusions and he was wishy washy. Felt like the author was just pushing buttons or choosing stacks A, B and C to make up a story. Like you can sometimes do in children's books to design a princess or something. There was a definite lack of concrete details here. I don't enjoy books where there is no effort made to set the scene. I don't want to read a travelogue but some description of place would be nice. No effort was made to set a time line. I have no idea how much time passed in this book. Didn't work for me and I have liked this author in the past. I won't give up on her because of this weak one though. wuih jarang2 aq ngasi harlequin 5 star....Sumpah aq jatuh cinta sm cara penulisan Sarah Morgan...Kalo selama ini aq malas2an buat baca buku karangannya:: skrg jjanji nggak lagi...Caritanya ttg Holly sang waitress yg lagi broken heart abis putus sm tunangannya di daulat untuk melayani dinner party sang prince... si holly yg krisis pede ini gak nyangka kalo Prince Casper... Dan tanpa babibu mereka having sex dan Holly pun merelakan ke virginannya, di table pula... CkckckckSesudahnya, dgn lugunya si holly nyium casper dihadapn kamera... dari situ ceritanya dimulaiBiar gimanapun perilaku si Holly nth kenapa aq suka karakternya yg ceriwis... akibat dr one night stand nya itu.. Holly hamil...Di awal pengen banget (ヽ `д´)┌┛★)`з゜) si casper... tp di tengah2 so sweet banget sm Holly. Suka sekali waktu ngdate dia malah ngajakin Holly nnton rugby... Selanjutnya silahkan baca sendiriPokoknya 5 star deeeehhh

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Re-Read - Originally read pre 2010 but logged in August 2011....Rated 4 Stars

this is one hot novel, can read it many times without being bored.

3.5 Stars!

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