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El Ocupante (2009)

El ocupante (2009)

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I bought this book having read "Affinity" - my favourite Waters book. It took a while for me to get into the book, but once I did - I was completely hooked. I think it very brave of Waters to explore psychological/mental health of the Ayres family; especially in a 1940s setting - when mental illness was hardly discussed.There is a real twist at the finale, that really took me by surprise and also left me a little disappointed. I don't think it's one of Waters strongest books, but it is still a good read. I do think that the 'ghost story' aspect of this book needs to be a bit more convincing. Some episodes in "Affinity" scared me a lot more, to be honestI did not think I would like this book, but I would highly recommend it to anyone! I preferred her books Tipping the Velvet, The Night Watch, and Fingersmith, but this one was evocative and compelling. It was a true gothic horror story with a potentially haunted house - or person? Anyway, I loved it. I have to say, though, for the first few chapters I thought it would be a drag. I was so disappointed! When it picked up, I got swallowed whole by the atmosphere, - and the tragedies. Sarah Waters is a stellar writer.

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Love this author, but this was not my favorite of her books.

Atmospheric, but over-long and under-edited.

She is such a good writer.

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