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Eenmaal Andermaal Verliefd (2009)

Eenmaal Andermaal Verliefd (2009)

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About book Eenmaal Andermaal Verliefd (2009)

Rumor has It was AMAZING! Chick-lit lovers a must!!! Tilly Cole moves to the small town of Roxburough to work as Girl Friday for a man and his daughter. When she arrives, she meets Roxburough's number one womanizer, Jack Lucas and the two fight blooming feelings for each other, while Tilly tries to discover the truth about Jack's haunted past.This book was wonderful. The detail about the lives of the characters was great and helpful for understanding the story much better. I really enjoyed that there were so many different types of characters, such as actors, workers, patients, players, homosexuals, children and so many more. Another thing, this book was very vivid and left you wanting to read more. I kept wanting to know about the lives of all of the characters Jill Mansell wrote about. This is the second Jill Mansell book I've read and, just like the last one, I can't stop thinking about it. Even reading another book, this one keeps coming into mind. I recommend this book to anyone who loves chick-lit, humor, romance, a strong female lead, and a wonderful plot line that keeps you wanting more. One good thing about Mansell is that her books are never inappropriate. When done well, she manages to get some drama and a good story in without bodice-ripping details that (when done badly, which is many times in chick lit) can be tasteless and repetitive. However, sometimes her small town stories fall flat and there is too little going on, as is the case with this novel. I borrowed this one from the library because I wanted something light to read over the break. While the characters are her usual cast of friendly, feel-good, mildly humorous everymenandwomen, there isn't a whole lot going on here that wouldn't have gotten solved in about 150 pages in the real world. Unfortunately, this novel goes on far longer than that. Skip this one in favor of A Walk in the Park, one of hers that I enjoyed more.

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Light, fun romance, typical of this author.

Really good.2nd Jill Mansell book I read.

Loved the characters!

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