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Dying Bites (2009)

Dying Bites (2009)

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0312942583 (ISBN13: 9780312942588)
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About book Dying Bites (2009)

Pour passer un bon moment de lecture en compagnie d'une héroïne flic au caractère bien trempée qui , après avoir été mystérieusement transférée dans un monde parallèle, à maille à partir avec nombres de loup garous ciborg et autres vampires Rythmé et énergique dans la forme mais reste que la trame manque de profondeurs pour rendre l'histoire vraiment intéressanteJe lirai cependant toute la série avec plaisir. I liked this one. I read almost exclusively fantasy (usually urban) and after a while you kind of stop being surprised, everything becomes predictable. This pleasantly surprised me. No really strange details that were overemphasized so you instantly knew that they would become very important later on. I however didn't really like the main character and had a bit of a problem with how phrases and idioms from this world could possibly be understandable in a world that divided from ours 800 years ago. Nevertheless I really enjoyed reading this and will read the next book.

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great story, awesome characters. I found this book very hard to put down.

A fun read. Magic meets technology in this crazy world.

Not catchy enough for me to read the next one.

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