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Die Zahlen Der Toten (2009)

Die Zahlen der Toten (2009)

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About book Die Zahlen Der Toten (2009)

Overall, this is a great first book in the series. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. I did feel it was a little predictable. I knew who the killer was quite a bit before it was revealed, but it was still a suspenseful and great book! I really liked how Linda intertwined the Amish and English communities together. I listened to the audiobook and thought the narrator did a wonderful job. Of course I wanted to like this story. Why else read it right? And I did like it… somewhat. It's just that there seemed to be so much wrong with it. Kate inexplicably gets upset and thinks she's been betrayed after making a major revelation to someone. She acts as though this person owes her his allegiance and that she's going to maintain the status quo in her position. Then to make the story more preposterous, a romance suddenly develops between the two seemingly like an afterthought as though the author remembered she wanted Kate to be in a romantic relationship. While the inception of the relationship is odd in itself, what makes it more laughable is that she just previously had seemed as though she held little respect for this man. Both attempts have her asking naïvely "What are you doing?" Okay I'm trying not to laugh or shake my head but it's not easy. I kind of like the book, it's just somewhat sophomoric. The characters for the most part have little to no personalities. Tomasetti is a hard-drinking pill-popping detective while Kate is pretty much one-dimensional. Others are non-dimensional. None had any depth. None were remotely likable. The only suspense was whether the serial killer was someone Chief of Police Kate Burkholder remembers from her past and how that might affect the ongoing investigation. The plot line was pretty decent. That helps.

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Full of violence, gore, and mystery. What's not to like?

Good book. Easy read. Now I am reading #2.

Great series!

Well written.

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