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Linda Castillo

Linda Castillo
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Books by Linda Castillo


Die Zahlen der Toten (2009)

Overall, this is a great first book in the series. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. I did feel it was a little predictable. I knew who the killer was quite a bit before it was revealed, but it was still a suspenseful and great book! I really liked how Linda ...

Die Zahlen der Toten (2009) by Linda Castillo

Blutige Stille (2010)

This one is a marked improvement over Castillo's first in the series. The set-up at the end could have been "set up" better; it wasn't thought out or planned out well at all, allowing for vulnerability.Kate continues her on-again, off-again long distance relationship with Detective Tomasetti whic...

Blutige Stille (2010) by Linda Castillo

La lunga notte (2010)

I really enjoyed the first book and was looking forward to reading the next in the series but found this book a bit of a disappointment. I realise that authors like even series books to be stand alone but there was a bit too much of referring back to the first book. There was also quite a lot o...

La lunga notte (2010) by Linda Castillo

Wenn die Nacht verstummt (2011)

I really like the storyline...murder in Amish country. I've read the other two books in the series and I like the main lead, Kate Burkholder. However, for some reason in this book I felt the author repeated Kate's emotions too many times. Yes, she has a troubled past, yes she used to be Amish,...

Wenn die Nacht verstummt (2011) by Linda Castillo

Bryd Tavsheden (2011)

Of the 3 books I've read by Linda Castillo, in the Kare Burkholder series, this is by far my favorite. I've loved them all but they keep getting better. This one again, deals with a murder among the Amish, but there is also the issue of hate crime that mixed in, and then at the end a huge surpris...

Bryd Tavsheden (2011) by Linda Castillo

Tödliche Wut (2011)

State Agent John Tomasetti asked Police Chief Kate Burkholder to help out on a case. Several Amish teens from communities scattered across Ohio have disappeared without a trace. Their families are hesitant to talk to the authorities. John is hoping the parents will cooperate with Kate since sh...

Tödliche Wut (2011) by Linda Castillo

Persa nel tempo (2014)

This was a very short story so it only took a couple hours to read. It could be read as a stand alone story but you would enjoy it more if you have read other books in the Kate Burkholder series by Linda Castillo. I have read all of them and they are wonderful mystery/thrillers about Kate who is ...

Persa nel tempo (2014) by Linda Castillo

Long Lost (2013)

This was a short, fun "in between" book. Kate and John attempt to leave their police world behind and have a mini vacation, but it just doesn't happen. It was an easy case with a shocking end and I'll admit I didn't see it coming. I actually wish this had been a full book complete with investigat...

Long Lost (2013) by Linda Castillo

A Baby Before Dawn (2007)

This was VERY action packed. Perhaps too action packed. I'm not sure how I felt about Chase. He was too willing to walk away from Lily too many times. He was torn between his love for her and his addiction to his adrenaline charged work. But the danger of his job catches up to him and puts Lily a...

A Baby Before Dawn (2007) by Linda Castillo

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