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Die Trantüten Von Panem: Die Gefährliche Hunger-Games-Parodie (2012)

Die Trantüten von Panem: Die gefährliche Hunger-Games-Parodie (2012)

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About book Die Trantüten Von Panem: Die Gefährliche Hunger-Games-Parodie (2012)

I was fooled into buying this book by its blurb, a few surprisingly good reviews on Goodreads and a great discount on Amazon.While readable, the book is not laugh-out-loud funny. It does have some things going for it like the wacky names (eg: Haymitch Abernathy’s character is called "Buttitch", Katniss’ character is called “Kantkiss Neverclean”) and a few funny set pieces. However, I expected to read a serious parody of the Hunger Games and not an desperate attempt to be funny in every sentence, which the book eventually becomes. But I think what put me off (as it will almost everybody who reads it) is the incredible dumbness of Katniss/ Kantkiss’ character; it was simply too hard to accept and even if it was needed to be done, required much more finesse.Read it, strictly if you are a Hunger Games fan. The Hunger Pains is a first person point of view kind of book. It takes place in District 12 it is the complete opposite of the Hunger Games it is funnier, and less serious. The main characters are Kantkiss Neverclean, Pita Malarky, Effu Poorpeople, and Buttich. I really enjoyed the book it was funny entertaining and made me never want to put it down. I recommend this book to people in 7th to 9th grade its a little childish and has a little explicit language but besides that its a great book if I had the chance I'd read it again.

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Stupidly entertaining. Not so much a parody as a completely different story.

Hilarious! The ending was stopped short though.

Not as funny as I thought. Kinda cheesy.

clever and so so hilarious.

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