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Die Magische Gabe (2000)

Die magische Gabe (2000)

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About book Die Magische Gabe (2000)

I literally can't get enough of this series. This was well done, as always, with a perfect balance of magic and myth with badassery, plus just the right amount of intertwine with Gunmetal Magic. If I thought that it would dive off the cliff once our fearless heroine officially teamed up with Curran, I was wrong.Here's to hoping the Ilona Andrews team expands the story for us by including multiple storylines through Andi.If you love UF, you should not miss this series. The storyline parrallels in each and they both contain spoilers in them, but it's only minor spoilers in this one than the other if you are wanting to read this series in order, you are going to want to read this one before the Gunmetal Magic.And, if you've purchased Gunmetal Magic, you already have this novella in the back as a bonus so, double win! Start at the back then go back to the beginning to read the bigger of the two.

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Excelente como los otros :D

As always, Love this series

I'm so in love w/ Curran.

A great afternoon read.


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