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Destiny Binds (2011)

Destiny Binds (2011)

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1460918681 (ISBN13: 9781460918685)
Tammy Blackwell

About book Destiny Binds (2011)

OBS: Man, I seriously hate my computer. I had done this huge review about this book, and then when I refreshed my page, the review wasn't there! So yeah, this is the second review I'm doing about this book. It is worth it, though. WHAT ON EARTH WAS THE END? LIKE, SERIOUSLY? YOU WANT TO KILL ME? It was a what-just-happened-I-need-the-second-book-now kind of end. You know what I mean, right? I'm not sure I'm going to read the second one right now though, I'm a bit emotional after this. THERE IS A LOVE TRIANGLE, TA DAM. If i knew about this before I started this book, I probably wouldn't read it. I just finished a book with one and I seriously hate it. In this book, when I chose Alex over Charlie, no matter how great Charlie was, I couldn't seem to feel a thing in the "love" parts between Scout (the main girl), and him. Not that I didn't like Charlie, because he was seriously funny, but I just didn't feel anything. And this never happened before! Usually, I choose a guy over the other one but I do feel things when he (the not chosen one) tries to win the girl, no matter how useless his tries are because she is already madly in love with the other. In twilight, I mean. I loved Jacob and rooted for him, but I couldn't help to feel a bit amazed of how much Edward loved Bella (even hating Bella with all my forces). In this book, Charlie NEVER had a chance of winning my heart. Maybe because I absolutely adored the scenes between Alex and Scout? Probably. I'm happy I read this book though, because ALEX AND SCOUT. I have three categories in love departments, like: fake couple, normal couple, absolutely perfect couple. Of course, they fell in the last category, and I was absolutely happy for them. It was as if they were the friends that I always wished would be together. I never wished so badly I could meet characters from books like I wished with this two. Scout was funny and smart. Alex was a perfect boy, one of the best male character I've ever read about. The best parts of this book are when they are together. Angel was the sister I wished I had. Jase was HORRIBLE, I hated him. (Can't say much more, because I'll probably spoil something.) And the other characters were ok to me, they mostly appeared two or three times. And there is a paranormal fact, the main reason I decided to read it. I was craving for a good paranormal book for a while, and it didn't disappoint. It doesn't jump right into the paranormal things though, and that was very unusual but in a good way. You know those book when you barely breath and there are already angels, demons or some paranormal person in the story? And then you just have to stop at some point to see if you are getting everything correctly? Yeah, in this book this doesn't happen, thankfully. This is a series, so probably because of this WHAT end, I'm going to read it next. I can assure you that this book is a very good one, and you won't be disappointed to give it a try. I think I surprised myself with how much I liked this book. It was fun, witty and the romance was fresh! It had everything that makes up a good book: - a strong, witty main character -a loveable love interest -well developed plot and setting That being said, there were some things that I thought could have been improved, thus the 3 star rating. The love triangle (yes, there is one) was pretty much non-existent till a point in the book. Scout (our main character) feels like she has to make a difficult choice but I didn't see one. And there wasn't really a clear climax point in the story. I would have liked a little more action. Following up on that, the action that was there didn't come till the end and it felt really rushed, almost to a point where things got unrealistic and confusing for the reader. Oh and I wasn't really a fan of the ending, I think it was underdeveloped and left the reader feeling unsatisfied. Overall, the book is worth a read! If you are looking for a fast read that makes you laugh, has a cute love story and leaves you wanting more, this is it!

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Really funny but predictable and the romance wasn't all that great.

This book was beautiful. It broke my heart.

Great Young Adult paranormal series

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