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Demon Girl (2000)

Demon Girl (2000)

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About book Demon Girl (2000)

DNF at 10%. I can literally count the # of books I have done this with on one hand. This book is THAT bad. The grammar is atrocious, misspellings, fragmented sentences, you name it. It is in need of some serious editing. The world building is practically non-existent up until this point and not much of anything makes sense other than they must be in some sort of post-apocalytpic world where demons have taken over and humans are protected by other highly trained humans called Clerics in some sort of compound that they are not allowed to leave. The MC is training to be a Cleric but there is no explanation of what exactly this entails. The storyline suffers greatly in that the author does not provide complete, well though out descriptions of what is going on. She jumps from one aspect to the next without clear transitions. The writing honestly reminds me of my eighth grade writing skills where I would move along too quickly, assuming that the reader knew what I was talking about without slowing down to fully develop my thought processes. I don't know, maybe it gets better, some of the reviews are positive, but the lack of writing skill is just too much for me to wade through any further. I thought this book was going to be good it was one of the top book on the GoodReads website so I downloaded it to my ereader. Once I started reading it I began to realise how annoying the character Rae was. Rae was a stereotypical girl with no control of her feelings, she threw herself it any male character that didn't reject her. I only saw real emotion when her friend Alex got kidnapped. And then there was Breandan the most annoying male character ever he was so possessive over Rae that he pushed her into the arms of a vampire... Wow smart move there. He even refused to tell her anything about her past he just said 'you're a fairy' yeah like she can read minds and know whether your telling the truth or not!The only character I actually like was Alex she showed real emotion and wasn't a stereotypical girl and what does the author do kill her... As well as this, her death was the only part I the story that grabbed my full attention not because it was shocking just the fact that they sacrificed her was quite morbid.

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It was really good, but a little intense and I found the vamp really gross....

I so did not like this book at all. Too much blood and betrayal.

did not like. all over the place, did not finish.

Made me want to get all the series...good!

2.5 stars

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